The final stages of the sporting event held between 1st and 3rd and 4-7th graders are launched

14 May 2018
On May 17, the final stage of the sporting event "Sports, held between 4-7th grades of comprehensive schools of the regions of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan city and Artsakh" will be held at the sports complex of Vanadzor city branch of "Hayastan" sport non-governmental organization. From 1st to 3rd grade The final stage of the finals between May 22 and May 22 at Gyumri's "Aram Sargsyan Youth Children's Sports School" SNCO gymnasium. 

In the preliminary stage of the sportland, 51042 and 61606 pupils from the 4th and 7th grades from the 1st to 3rd grades of the Republic of Armenia's marzes, Yerevan and Artsakh Republics participated.

The team that won the 1st place in sportland will be awarded the winner's cup and will receive 450,000 Armenian drams, and the teams that take the 2nd and 3rd places will receive 350,000 and 250,000 drams respectively. Let us mention that monetary awards should be used by schools only for the purpose of purchasing sportswear.
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