The criteria for accreditation of the martial arts federations will be established

08 February 2018
A working group will be set up in the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs to define the criteria for accreditation of the national martial arts federations in our country. 

This decision was taken today at an open discussion held at the Ministry of Oriental Martial Arts by several federal federations, attended by representatives of the Yerevan Municipality, the State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Armenia, the Ministry of Finance, experts in the field. 

The discussion-consultation was led by RA Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Gabriel Ghazaryan. He thanked the chairmen of the federations voicing the need for accreditation and noted that he expects their support also within the framework of the Working Group on the criteria for accreditation. “I am glad that you have received a positive response from our ministry a few years ago. I am confident that after accreditation will be beneficial not only for the federations of sports, but most importantly, the coaches. The trainings will be canceled by unconfirmed, insufficient knowledge of trainers and inaccessible exercises.” 

The representatives of the federations participating in the meeting agreed that rules of common game should be defined for all sports. In their view, the legal regulation of the field will only enable coaches to engage in coaching with the basic knowledge necessary for organizing training, otherwise the activities of the Federation representing this sport will be illegal, assuming appropriate sanctions. To be cont and be active
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