Armenian diver Vladimir Harutyunyan-Lev Sargsyan pair, European champion bronze medalist

10 August 2018
From August 6 to 12, the pair of water masters Vladimir Harutyunyan-Lev Sargsyan took the third place in the 10m synchronized tower at the European Water Sports Championship in the UK, yielding the Russian Federation (1st place) and Great Britain (2nd place) representing couples. 

On August 10, a pair of Vladimir and Azat Harutyunyan brothers will perform at the 3m synchronized bingo, and on August 12 Lev Sarkisian and Vartan Bayandurian (10 m tower) will compete. The team of the waterpipe headed by Vladimir Harutyunyan, Azat Harutyunyan, Lev Sargsyan, Vartan Bayandurian, head coach of the team Hrachya Chandiryan left for the competition. 

The Youth Capital of the Republic of Armenia is the International Youth Day in Ijevan The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia has implemented a program of events dedicated to the International Youth Day, August 12, in the Youth Capital of Armenia in 2018. 

The launch of the International Youth Day was organized at the Republic Square in Yerevan with the event "Unified Breakfast for Familiarness" with the Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Kristine Asatryan and Head of the EU Delegation for Cooperation in Armenia Hoya-Bin Ajemian.

After the event, the participants went to Ijevan, where the representatives of local youth NGOs, civic initiatives, high-ranking state officials and well-known representatives of youth participated in various events organized by the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, , cultural, entertaining. Young people from Ijevan participated in the forums, meeting-discussions, forum-theater, exhibition of "Strett-Art", and the concert program ended on Tonoka Day.
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