Today Armenia's ten best athletes will be determined

25 December 2017
The topic is clarified by RA Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, RA National Olympic Committee Secretary General Hrachya Rostomyan. Top 10 athletes of the year have chosen only sporting journalists. 

However, the results of their election, especially in the recent years, have not been widely accepted by the public and have caused different interpretations. The need to make the election of the 10 best athletes in Armenia more transparent and justified. For this reason, initiated by the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, which was attended by the NOCA and national federations, many discussions have been organized since spring. 

The commission set up to discuss and regulate the proposals has held a number of sessions over nine months, and a new format document has appeared on the square. 

Here are two very important things: the criteria for the selection of the 10 best athletes in Armenia are high sport achievements and the popularization of Armenia, which are complementary to each other. And secondly, according to the regulation, the best athlete is not defined, but 10 best athletes of Armenia are defined and there is no classification in that list; everyone is the winner.
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